Books Are Alive. Reading new books, we receive more and more exciting and pleasant feelings. Literature is almost the best, or most finished work of mankind. The book is an invaluable and bottomless treasury of knowledge. But not only the knowledge and wisdom gives the book: the experience of such a "Sentimental Education" - is also a book. Books are shaping the worldview. They nourish us with new knowledge about nature, about people, about the history and the world, and most importantly - books give us the opportunity to immerse in our own souls to gain a better understanding of ourselves, our desires and main life goals. It's a shame that the habit of reading is not that often to happen, as it was before. It seems that modern culture is impoverished, because people read less and less each day. But we have to remember how useful the book is. The book does not only teach, but also educates and entertains, and treats.
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Books are alive. They have a soul. The soul opens to the reader, it must tune in sincere conversation. The reader must open his soul and mind to new knowledge, new experiences and impressions, which will surely join the sheer flow of real pleasure and happiness.